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inside the chicken's mouth


Please note the CD itself is £10 and the £2 P&P is the BRITISH postage price, if you are buying from annother country please email [email protected] for postage costs.


Skilfully mixed and mastered this combination of instruments creates a unique sound, unlike much of the other West African music around. The CD has a natural, authentic feel. Everything you hear is a real instrument played by a real musician. Lyrics are mostly in Susu, telling of the life of the wandering musician, stories from Moussa’s life, praising the men whose livelihood is the sea, and advising us all to ‘work together for the common good’ in typical West African style. Though the album title is a metaphor for poverty and the songs reflect the hardship of the musicians’ lives, the music itself is joyous and uplifting as well as containing a polyrhythmic complexity that delights the ear. If you listen carefully you can also hear a bit of jazz influence in the balafon improvisations.


We're working on a lyrics sheet for each track so watch this space...



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The lovely album by Toumaranke - fantastic job done, full of harmony. The combination of the balafon with the other instruments is superb. The accompaniment of the balafon and the improvisation is very clear and unique. I just love it.

- Sefo Kanuteh

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